aXichem and Chr. Olesen Set to Revolutionize Brazil’s Poultry and Swine Industries with aXiphen Launch at Nucleovet and SIAVS
March 19, 2024
aXichem and Chr. Olesen Set to Revolutionize Brazil’s Poultry and Swine Industries with aXiphen Launch at Nucleovet and SIAVS

aXichem AB (publ) (aXichem), the developer of innovative natural analogue feed additives, and Chr. Olesen, the renowned distributor, are delighted to announce the strategic launch of aXiphen in Brazil, set against the backdrop of two premier industry events: Nucleovet and the South American International Poultry and Swine Show (SIAVS). This launch is supported by a PR campaign aimed at maximizing the product's introduction to the Brazilian market.

Nucleovet 9-11 of April, an esteemed symposium dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine and animal production, will serve as the initial stage for aXiphen’s introduction. Following Nucleovet, aXiphen will be featured at SIAVS, recognized as the largest and most influential event for the poultry and swine sectors in Brazil. SIAVS is scheduled to take place from August 6th to 8th, 2024, at Anhembi Parque, São Paulo, promising unparalleled exposure and engagement opportunities with key industry players.

This collaborative effort between aXichem and Chr. Olesen comes at a crucial time as Brazilian authorities heighten their focus on Salmonella control in export production, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions like aXiphen. Demonstrating remarkable efficacy in inhibiting Salmonella through methodologies that mirror Brazilian testing standards, aXiphen is ready to make a significant impact on the animal health and safety of Brazil's poultry and swine industries.

To ensure a successful market entry, aXichem and Chr. Olesen are launching a PR campaign coinciding with the product's debut. This campaign aims to educate and inform stakeholders across the spectrum, from industry professionals to regulatory bodies and consumers, about aXiphen’s benefits and its role in promoting safer, more sustainable animal production practices.

Gustavo Penz, Managing Partner, Feed Division Brazil at Chr. Olesen comments:

“We are enthusiastic about the synergy between our distribution efforts and the forthcoming PR campaign, designed to highlight aXiphen's potential in revolutionizing Salmonella control. With the strategic timing of our launch at Nucleovet and the high-profile platform provided by SIAVS, we are confident that aXiphen will set a new standard in the industry.”

About Chr. Olesen

As a global distributor in the animal health and nutrition industry, Chr. Olesen is committed to delivering high-quality, safe, and sustainable solutions, contributing to the advancement of the animal production sector.

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