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aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in development of natural analogue ingredients.
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We draw from the genius of nature and respect nature in return.

aXichem is based on research and product development, and strives constantly to develop and improve the product.

At present, the Company is specifically working with the development of alternative capsaicin isomers, mainly ethyl and butyl capsaicin. The company has also focused on continuous improvement of industrial process synthesis to achieve an optimal starting point for large-scale production. The work of new isomers as well as the industrial process synthesis is carried out by chemists with long experience from both experimental chemistry and industrial chemistry. A number of analyzes and studies are currently underway.
In addition, aXichem, in collaboration with established actors in marine antifouling and chicken food, has worked on the development of end products. These experimental products have been tested and developed under conditions that are as close to commercial use as possible under product development. The completed tests have yielded very good results, and aXichem's ongoing collaborations on product development continue.
Latest Scientific Reports
June 21, 2021
aXivite, a safe and effective treatment for healthy weight loss and improved body shape while simultaneously mitigating the effects of GI inflammation
October 01, 2018
Article in ”Toxicology Research and Application” – a 90-day toxicity and genotoxicity study with high-purity phenylcapsaicin
Published in:
Toxicology Research and Application
Published 2018
Torbjørn Rage Paulsen, Sebastian Stiller, Klaus Weber, Claudia Donath, Gudrun Schreiband, and Knut Helge Jensen
September 26, 2018
Article published in “Toxicology Research and Application”
Toxicology Research and Application has published article about Axiphen.
September 26, 2018
aXichem ser mycket positiva resultat av aXiphen® som salmonellahämmare hos kycklingar i kommersiell produktionsanläggning
Published 2018
September 06, 2018
aXichem har slutfört tester som visar att aXiphen® hämmar salmonella hos svin
September 02, 2018
aXiphen®feed i fodret ökar tillväxten med i genomsnitt nioprocent samt minskar salmonella hos kycklingar
September 02, 2018
Activation of TRPV1 by Dietary Capsaicin Improves Endothelium-Dependent Vasorelaxation and Prevents Hypertension
September 02, 2018
Capsaicin and capsiate could be appropriate agents for treatment of obesity:
September 02, 2018
Capsaicin in Metabolic Syndrome
September 02, 2018
Gut Microbiota Mediates the Protective Effects of Dietary Capsaicin against Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation and
September 02, 2018
Non-Pungent Capsaicin Analogs (Capsinoids) Increase Metabolic Rate and Enhance Thermogenesis via Gastrointestinal TRPV1 in mice
September 02, 2018
Cough reduction using capsaicin.
September 02, 2018
Role of Capsaicin in Cancer Prevention
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We draw from the genius of nature and respect nature in return.

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aXichem has global patent protection of phenylcapsaicin, phenylcapsaicin derivatives, manufacturing method for phenylcapsaicin and its derivative molecules, as well as their uses as ecologically degradable, environmentally-friendly repellents. The company also holds international patent rights for the use of phenylcapsaicin in surface treatments with anti-growth effect, including ship coatings.
aXichem has also submitted three applications for new patents. These refer to the use of phenylcapsaicin as an active ingredient in salmonella inhibition, in growth promotion and as TRPV-1 agonist.
Capsaicin Derivates

and the production and use thereof

Patent Granted
Synthetic Capsaicinoid

derivatives and feed comprising such compounds as growth promotors

Patent Granted
Bird Feed

and in particular polutry feed, comprising synthetic capsaicinoid derivatives and such feed for prohylactic use or treatment of salmonella infection

Patent Granted
Synthetic Capasaicin

analogs as TRPV1 agonists

Patent Pending
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