Our Products
are close to Nature

aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in development of natural analogue ingredients.
Our Products

aXichem is a reference
point in its areas of
expertise for the industry:

Animal health
aXichem feed ingredient, axiphen-feed®, has been developed for use in the breeding of chicken and pigs.
When using the product, the chicken and pig farmers have several economic benefits, including reduced prevalence of salmonella infection in the stock and increased feed efficiency.
Today, natural capsaicin is used in a variety of foods and dietary supplements. aXichem's analog product, aXivite®, is a safe, more predictable and economical alternative to capsaicin.
There are several indications that aXichem's Capsaicin analogue, aXivite®, has several uses in the pharmaceutical industry.
Key Features

Our products sets high standards
and provide consistency.

we deliver pure substances of consistent quality
our products are nature friendly and their production causes no collateral damage
we offer stable and continuous delivery
Our Science
We draw from the genius of nature and respect nature in return.
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