aXichem announces indicative positive data from trail, regarding phenylcapcaisin’s effect on sports performance in athletes, carried out at University of Pablo Olavide, Spain
September 29, 2022
aXichem announces indicative positive data from trail, regarding phenylcapcaisin’s effect on sports performance in athletes, carried out at University of Pablo Olavide, Spain

aXichem AB (publ), a developer of natural analogue industrial compounds and a leading neutraceuticals ingredient provider, today announces first indicative positive results from a finalized trial including aXivite®. The trial’s aim was to determine the effect of phenylcapsaicin and to evaluate its effect on electrical muscle activity, biochemical responses, and neuromuscular performance. The trial was conducted in collaboration with aXichem’s partners LIFEPro Nutritionand Indiex Sport Nutrition, together with University of Valencia and Pablo de Olavide University.

 The trial is now finalized, and the first phase of data analysis is concluded. The initial results have a high scientific relevance for sport nutrition and sport performance, and they will be published in a high-impact journal of sport science.

“I am thrilled to see these first exciting results from the trial. Together with our Spanish partners LIFEPro Nutrition and Indiex Sport Nutrition I am looking forward to the final study report which we expect will be ready, and published by the investigators, in a few months.  I believe that aXivite has a huge potential in many sports segment as a pre workout unique formulation, says Lucas Altepost, VP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at aXichem.

In addition, Pablo Jiménez and Carlos Alix, research directors of the project, declared: “Capsaicinoids are the future of ergogenic aids in different disciplines due to their unique molecular mechanisms. The results of this trial were greater than what we expected in the first meeting. We are very excited regarding the publication of these results. Moreover, it has been a pleasure working with our Swedish partners of aXichem. We are sure that this trial is the start of a promising path together.”

More about the study

Oral capsaicinoids and capsinoids supplements have previously been studied for a plausible ergogenic impact on sports performance. The purpose of this experimental research has been to explore the effects of phenylcapsaicin on resistance training. As aXichem’s phenylcapsaicin is more bioavailable than natural capsaicin, the study, carried out under aXichem’s collaboration with LIFEPro and Indiex, was designed as a three-branched, randomized, triple-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. In the trial, biochemical parameters related to muscle damage, metabolic response and myoelectrical variables was measured. Sport performance outcomes was related to some of the most validated tests, well proven in trials of this kind. 30 healthy, highly trained male athletes, with previous experience from trials and test situations took part in the trial, that conducted at Universidad Pablo Olavide (UPO), Seville, Spain, in collaboration with University of Valencia, Madrid Autonomous University and National School of Strength and Physical Conditioning (ENFAF) researchers.

Indiex Sport Nutrition is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of nutrition products, specifically targeting the market for sports and fitness. Indiex has direct sales to consumers as well as to resellers with known brands such as LifePro Nutrition in their portfolio.

More about aXivite®

aXivite is a natural analogue product, developed to fit as a component in food supplement and nutrition products. aXivite is an adjusted version of aXichem’s synthetically produced and patented capsacin, aXiphen®. Since the product is synthetically produced the substance has several advantages compared to natural capsaicin. The main difference is that natural capsaicin is extracted from chili and therefore varies in quality and seldom reaches a concentration above 85 percent. aXiphen® holds a concentration of at least 97 percent and has predictable characteristics. One of the key industrial benefits with the product is that aXichem can determine its water- and fat solubility, which is critical when using the substance in various kinds of products. aXiphen has a GRAS food clearance in the U.S. and a Novel Food approval for the EU.

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