aXichem presents aXivite and the power of phenylcapsaicin at Vitafoods Europe 2023, together with its partners BART and Pharmafoods
May 09, 2023
aXichem presents aXivite and the power of phenylcapsaicin at Vitafoods Europe 2023, together with its partners BART and Pharmafoods

aXichem AB (publ), (aXichem), a developer of natural analogue industrial compounds, participates in Vitafoods Europe held at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, 9 –11 May, 2023, presenting the exciting new data and findings for aXivite® and phenylcapsaicin recently published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN). aXichem will also be represented by its partners BART and Pharmafoods at this leading event for the nutraceutical industry.

“It is a joy to present the new data about the impact of aXivite and phenylcapsaicin at this year’s Vitafoods Europe. aXivite has unique characteristics that seems to go beyond the ones of natural capsaicin when it comes to positive impact on physical training and weight control. I am very pleased that several new consumer products will hit the market this year containing our innovative ingredient,” says Lucas Altepost, VP and VP Sales and Marketing at aXichem.

Vitafoods Europe started in 1997 to meet the growing demands of the emerging nutraceutical industry. The event has then grown from some 100 exhibitors and 1,200 visitors to being one of the leading events for the industry with more than 1,250 exhibitors in 23,000 square meters of floor space, in the Palexpo Exhibition Hall in Geneva, Switzerland, and welcoming over 25,000 visitors.

aXichem is represented by its partner BART in stand # L46 and Pharmafoods in C.Q. Masso group stand I49.
BART is a Polish producer of natural colors, flavors, emulsions, and liposomal vitamins. BART offers also coloring foodstuffs, coloring blends and a wide range of ingredients, including botanical extracts, for different food sectors.

Pharmafoods is a Spanish company dedicated to the distribution of special ingredients for dietary supplements, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Pharmafoods distributes only branded, designed products, and provides high class technical support and solid documentation.

About phenylcapsaicin and aXivite®

aXichem's proprietary molecule, phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, connected by a triple bond. The result is an innovative natural analog capsaicin with high purity, which in several studies has been shown to have the same health-promoting properties, as well as some unique benefits, as natural capsaicin. Phenylcapsaicin is approved under Novel Food in the EU and GRAS Food in the USA and is marketed for dietary supplements and functional foods under the brand name aXivite®.

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