aXichem’s innovative ingredient aXivite featured in new products, for pre-workout and weight management launched by OmneDiem, targeting the U.S. Market
March 13, 2024
aXichem’s innovative ingredient aXivite featured in new products, for pre-workout and weight management launched by OmneDiem, targeting the U.S. Market

aXichem AB (publ), (aXichem), are pleased to announce that the provider of dietary supplements OmneDiem® is launching two new products, formulated with aXichem’s innovative ingredient aXivite, targeting the United States market. These launches represent an expansion of aXivite's applications in the fitness and wellness sectors, underscoring aXichem's commitment to broadening its global market presence and customer base.

“I’m thrilled to see two new products formulated with aXivite meet the consumers in the expanding market segments of weight management and pre-workout. The market demand in the U.S., for scientifically backed supplement ingredients is growing as the consumers get more aware and educated about the impact of nutrition on gut-health, exercise, and wellness. The introduction of these two new products marks aXichem's ongoing efforts to expand its market presence and add new applications for aXivite,“ says Lucas Altepost, VP and VP of Sales and Marketing at aXichem.

Body6 RTD Pre-Workout and Thermogenic Fat Management Products
Body6, a bodybuilding and fitness brand, is set to bring important innovations in the market with the introduction of its Ready-To-Drink (RTD) pre-workout supplement powered by aXichem's aXivite. This innovative product is specifically designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, offering an unparalleled boost in performance and energy. Body6 will leverage its partnership with Planet Fitness to make the pre-workout supplement accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, Body6 will feature the pre-workout and its Thermogenic Fat Management product at major national and regional fitness and bodybuilding events, including the prestigious Arnold Classic.

OmneDiem's MaxRep Elite: A New Standard in Performance Enhancement
OmneDiem is set to introduce a new product in the e-commerce and retail sectors with the launch of MaxRep Elite, a cutting-edge supplement designed to elevate workout performance and endurance. Available through various e-commerce platforms, distributors, retailers, and a network of fitness-oriented health care practitioners, MaxRep Elite aim to become the go-to choice for individuals seeking to maximize their workout potential and achieve their fitness goals.

About OmneDiem®
OmneDiem is a new kind of company for a new kind of healthcare that is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michingan, with offices in Fargo and Harrisburg. With a multi-channel approach in unique market positions, OmneDiem is advancing integrative wellness strategies by providing consumers, healthcare practitioners, distributors and retailers with innovative dietary supplements that address under-served and emerging needs.

About phenylcapsaicin and aXivite
aXichem's proprietary molecule, phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, connected by a triple bond. The result is an innovative natural analog capsaicin with high purity, which in several studies has been shown to have the same health-promoting properties, as well as some unique benefits, as natural capsaicin. Phenylcapsaicin is approved under Novel Food in the EU and GRAS Food in the USA and is marketed for dietary supplements and functional foods under the brand name aXivite.

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About aXichem
aXichem develops, patents and markets natural analogue industrial chemicals, i.e., synthetically produced substances that have similar and comparable properties to natural substances. The company's first product is phenylcapsaicin, which the company commercializes under two brands, aXiphen® and aXivite®, as an ingredient in animal feed and dietary supplements, respectively. The business is divided into three market areas with different applications for phenylcapsaicin: as an ingredient in feed for poultry, such as chicken and turkey; as an ingredient in food supplements for gut health, weight control and sports and exercise; and as an ingredient in food supplements for the bio- enhancement of curcumin and melatonin. aXichem is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Certified advisor for aXichem is Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB.

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