Groundbreaking Data from Clinical Trial Further Validates aXivite’s Impact on Aerobic Capacity and Performance in Athletes
May 10, 2023
Groundbreaking Data from Clinical Trial Further Validates aXivite’s Impact on Aerobic Capacity and Performance in Athletes

aXichem AB (publ), (aXichem), a developer of natural analogue industrial compounds, today announces, building upon the previous breakthrough study, a new clinical trial published in Frontiers, with the title Effects of phenylcapsaicin on aerobic capacity and physiological parameters in active young males: a randomized, triple-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover trial”, adds even more compelling evidence supporting the remarkable benefits of aXivite, a cutting-edge capsaicin analog with enhanced bioavailability. This latest study highlights the potential of aXivite to significantly improve aerobic capacity, substrate oxidation, energy metabolism, and exercise physiological variables in young males.

In this randomized, triple-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover trial, 17 active males participated in four laboratory sessions. The results showed that both low (0.625 mg) and high (2.5 mg) doses of phenylcapsaicin led to a higher peak of fat oxidation during steady-state tests compared to the placebo. Moreover, the high dose effectively reduced maximum heart rate and optimized perceptual responses during exercise.

These exciting findings demonstrate that aXivite may boost aerobic capacity in athletes by improving fat oxidation, maximum heart rate, and perceptual responses during exercise.
Building on the previous study, this new trial further strengthens the scientific foundation supporting aXivite's game-changing potential in the sports performance market.


Lucas Altepost, the VP Sales and Marketing at Axichem, remarked:

"At aXichem we take great pride in providing top-quality, scientifically-backed products and as the science behind aXivite continues to solidify, we anticipate significant increase in sales, reflecting the product's potential in the sports performance market."

About phenylcapsaicin and aXivite®

aXichem's proprietary molecule, phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, connected by a triple bond. The result is an innovative natural analog capsaicin with high purity, which in several studies has been shown to have the same health-promoting properties, as well as some unique benefits, as natural capsaicin. Phenylcapsaicin is approved under Novel Food in the EU and GRAS Food in the USA and is marketed for dietary supplements and functional foods under the brand name aXivite®.

The information was submitted, through the care of the contact person, for publication on 10 May 2023, at 08:45 AM CEST.