Creating the capsaicin effect – pure and easy

Meet the expert behind the innovative Phenylcapsaicin! Learn more about the traditional benefits with capsaicin and how this well documented natural analogue alternative increases the effect, pure and stable. We will present validations and approvals, as well as present and discuss  possible application areas.


“The well-known health benefits of capsaicin, improved!”


Torsten Helsing
CEO, aXichem

“Clinical studies leading to EU Novel Food and US GRAS, approvals”


Erik Lager

PhD Organic chemistry, Chief Technical Officer, aXichem

“Endless possibilities for different applications with great effects”


Lucas Altepost
Chief Sales and Marketing officer

aXivite® Whitepaper Webinar

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Wednesday 14th October 10.00 – 11.00 AM PST (1.00 PM ET)

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