Bio-repellents are substances that are used to repel unwanted biological organisms from installations or areas. Organisms that can be naturally controlled with bio-repellents range from barnacles and mussels to rodents, moose, bears and elephants. Bio-repellents used to control unwanted biological organisms differ from biocides, for example, which protect by killing the unwanted organisms.
aXichem has developed aXiphen-bio®, a highly effective bio-repellent with a minimum impact on the ecosystem. Due to the unique chemical properties of the product, this bio-repellent can be used in a wide range of areas, both on land and in marine environments.
Applications include:
  • Antifouling protection for vessels and marine installations
  • Pest control in agriculture and forestry
  • Pest control for cable installations in buildings and underground cables
aXiphen-bio® protects your assets.