aXichem updates the status of its application for Feed Additive approval for aXiphen in the EU
September 26, 2023
aXichem updates the status of its application for Feed Additive approval for aXiphen in the EU

aXichem AB (publ), which develops and markets natural analogue industrial chemicals, announces that the company’s application for Feed Additive approval in the EU is now open for so-called "public consultation", which means that third parties can provide comments on the application and forms an important part of EFSA's regulations for openness and transparency. Public consultation is a mandatory part of the approval process and will end on October 16, 2023. Today also begins the FEEDAP panel's plenary meeting, which runs from September 26–28, 2023, and where aXichem's application is on the agenda. All information about the application and the process is available at the Open EFSA portal.

"The process continues. All steps must be completed before we have a definitive decision. "Public consultation" means that third parties have the opportunity to comment on the application. This is the final part of the process for our application, provided that EFSA at the meeting held on 26–28 September will adopt the authority's own statement and then publish the evaluation", says Torsten Helsing, CEO of aXichem.

The public consultation aims at identifying whether other relevant scientific data, studies and other information part of, or supporting, the submitted dossier are available on the subject matter concerned by the application or notification. Interested parties are invited to submit their comments by the indicated deadline. Relevant contributions will be considered and addressed by EFSA during the related scientific assessment.

Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) provides scientific advice on the safety and/or efficacy of additives and products or substances used in animal feed. The Panel evaluates their safety and/or efficacy for the target species, the user, the consumer of products of animal origin and the environment.

About phenylcapsaicin and aXiphen
The health benefits of chili, with its active ingredient capsaicin have been known for centuries. aXichem’s proprietary molecule, phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, bridged by a triple bond. The result is an innovative natural analogue capsaicin with high purity, where the pungency is greatly reduced.
Production tests and studies have proven the effectiveness of aXiphen® as an ingredient in poultry feed. A production test on on-floor salmonella prevalence, following the inclusion of 15 ppm phenylcapsaicin in a regular starter diet, was carried out in a full-scale commercial broiler production trial under farming conditions. The production test included about 1.6 million broiler chickens. The trial concluded that under the conditions of the test, the inclusion of 15 ppm phenylcapsaicin in broiler chicken feed statistically significantly reduced the number of farms with salmonella-positive floor boot swabs. The European model for production efficiency, EPEF, showed that breeding efficiency increased by 14% compared to traditional feeding.

This information is such that aXichem AB is obliged to publish in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted, through the care of the contact person below, for publication on 26 September 2023, at 09:45 CET.