The nomination committee’s proposal for aXichem AB (publ) to the annual general meeting 2023
June 13, 2023
The nomination committee’s proposal for aXichem AB (publ) to the annual general meeting 2023

The nomination committee, which consists of Peter Ragnarsson (LMK Venture), Torsten Helsing (Manakin LTD) and Jan Gustavsson, proposes the following:

  • that lawyer Christian Lindhé is elected as chairman at the meeting,
  • that the number of board members shall be six, without deputies,
  • that remuneration to the board is paid with six price base amounts to the chairman of the board and with three price base amounts each to the other board members,
  • that the board members Jan Gustavsson, Torsten Helsing, Gunilla Savring, Jørn H. Berthelsen and Edward van den Elsen are re-elected. Jakob Axelsson declines re-election,
  • that Christian Månsson is elected as a new board member,
  • that Jan Gustavsson is re-elected as chairman of the board,
  • that the company shall have one auditor, without deputies,
  • that the auditor's fee is paid according to an approved current account, and
  • that Mazars AB is re-elected as the company's auditor, whereby the intention is that the authorized auditor Annika Larsson will be the auditor in charge.

The nomination committee further proposes that Peter Ragnarsson (LMK Venture) and Torsten Helsing (Manakin LTD) are re-elected as members of the nomination committee ahead of the 2024 annual general meeting, and that the nomination committee should have the opportunity to decide to appoint a third member to the nomination committee, as a representative of the company's other shareholders. Such possible third member must be appointed by the chairman of the board.

Information about the board member proposed for new election

The nomination committee proposes new election of Christian Månsson. Månsson was born in 1980 and has a master's degree in chemical engineering from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, and a bachelor's degree in business administration from Lund School of Economics and Management. Christian Månsson has worked with advanced project management and process design within, above all, the food and pharmaceutical industry. Christian Månsson also has broad experience in product development, quality work and risk management from, among others, AFRY, Bioglan and Einar Willumsen. Månsson is a board member of Carbiotix and Öresund Growth Partner.


Lund in June 2023

aXichem AB (publ)
The nomination committee

The information was submitted, through the agency of the contact person, for publication on June 13, 2023, at 10:30 AM CEST.