aXichem has submitted answers to questions received from EFSA regarding the company’s Feed Additive application
March 20, 2023
aXichem has submitted answers to questions received from EFSA regarding the company’s Feed Additive application

aXichem AB (publ), that develops and markets natural analogue industrial chemicals, announces that the company has taken another step in the process for Feed Additive approval in EU for its innovative product phenylcapsaicin as feed ingredient, under the brand aXiphen®. The answers to the questions that aXichem received at the end of December 2022, from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), are now submitted.

"EFSA has now received our answers, but it may take some time before EFSA registers our submission and updates the status of our application on its website. When the submission is registered, the so-called "clockstop", meaning the break in the allotted time of a total of six months that EFSA has to process this type of application, is lifted. EFSA's review process will now continue and there are about three months left until the final date for EFSA's statement," says Torsten Helsing, CEO of aXichem.

"We see that the timing of the introduction of aXiphen is well in phase with the discussions that are being held about how food producers can reduce the use of antibiotics and thereby also reduce the risk of more widespread antibiotic resistance. There is great potential in our product and aXichem therefore assesses that sales of approximately SEK 60–80 million are possible during the first 12–18 months after market approval in the EU and in Brazil,” says Lucas Altepost, VP Sales & Marketing in aXichem.

According to a new report, "Europe Poultry Feed Market - Growth, Trends, Covid-19 impact and forecast 2023 - 2028", published by Morder Intelligence and based on data from, among others, the European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC), the poultry feed market in Europe is valued to approximately 30 billion Euros. The market is estimated to show an annual growth of around 4%.

About phenylcapsaicin and aXiphen
The health benefits of chili, with its active ingredient capsaicin have been known for centuries. aXichem’s proprietary molecule, phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, bridged by a triple bond. The result is an innovative natural analogue capsaicin with high purity, where the pungency is greatly reduced.
Studies have proven the effectiveness of aXiphen® as an ingredient in poultry feed.

A study on on-floor salmonella prevalence, following the inclusion of 15 ppm phenylcapsaicin in a regular starter diet, was carried out in a full-scale commercial broiler production trial under farming conditions. The study comprised 18 broiler farms with 57 broiler chicken houses and 1 659 540 broiler chickens. The study concluded that under the conditions of the study, the inclusion of 15 ppm phenylcapsaicin in broiler chicken feed statistically significantly reduced both the number of farms and the number of houses with salmonella-positive floor boot swabs. The European model for production efficiency, EPEF, showed that breeding efficiency increased by 14% compared to traditional feeding.

The information was submitted, through the care of the contact person below, for publication on 20 March 2023, at 10:30 AM CET.