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aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in development of natural analogue ingredients.
Nomination Committee

At the AGM 2023 it was decided, in accordance with the nomination committee's proposal, to appoint Peter Ragnarsson, as a representative of LMK Venture, and Torsten Helsing, as a representative of Manakin LTD, as members of the nomination committee for the 2024 annual general meeting, and that the nomination committee should have the opportunity to decide to appoint a third member to the nomination committee, as representative of the company's other shareholders. Such possible third member must be appointed by the chairman of the board.

The overall responsibility of the Nominations Committee, in preparation for the AGM in 2024, is to present appropriate candidates for the chair and board members and auditor(s) respectively for the Company, and also to propose their fees.

The Nominations Committee shall produce proposals for the following issues to be presented to the AGM for decision:

  • proposed chair for the meeting,
  • proposed number of board members elected at the AGM and also, when applicable, the number of auditors,
  • proposed fee for members of the Board who are not employed by the company and also for members of the Board’s various committees who are not employed by the company,
  • proposed fee for the auditors,
  • proposed election of chair of the Board of Directors and other board members together with, when applicable, election of auditors,
  • proposed guidelines for appointing members of the Nominations Committee and for the mandate of the Nominations Committee,
  • proposed fee for members of the Nominations Committee.
Shareholders who want to make proposals for the Nominations Committee can contact the Nominations Committee by email at the following address: ir@axichem.se