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aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in development of natural analogue ingredients.
Annual General Meeting
Under the provisions of the Swedish Companies Act, the General Meeting of Shareholders is the Company’s highest decision-making body. At the General Meeting, shareholders exercise their right to vote on major decisions, for example, adoption of the income statement and balance sheets, distribution of the Company’s profit, decision to discharge the Board members and the Managing Director from liability, election of Board members and auditors and decisions on remuneration to the members of the Board and the auditors.
As required by the Articles of Association, notification of an Annual General Meeting and an Extraordinary General Meeting must be published in the Swedish “Post- och Inrikes Tidningar” newspaper and on the Company’s website. At the same time, a notice must be published in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper that notification has been made.


Right to attend a General Meeting


All shareholders, who are directly entered in the share register held by Euroclear Sweden AB five business days before the General Meeting and who have notified the Company of their intention to attend (with any proxies) the General Meeting at the latest by the date and time indicated in the notice convening the Meeting, are entitled to attend the General Meeting and vote according to the number of shares they hold.

Shareholders may attend the General Meeting in person or be represented by proxy and may also be assisted by, at most, two persons. Shareholders are normally able to register for participation in the General Meeting in a number of ways, as indicated in the notice convening the Meeting.


Initiatives from shareholders


Shareholders who wish to propose a resolution at the General Meeting must submit a written request to the Board of Directors. In normal circumstances, the Board must have received the request no later than seven weeks before the General Meeting.


Meetings Archive

Protokoll från årssstämma 2023
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Protokoll från bolagsstämma 2022
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Kallelse annons SvD årsstämma 2022
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Kallelse annons PoIT årsstämma 2022
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Fullmaktsformulär årsstämma 2022
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Kallelse till årsstämma 2022
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Protokoll från extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Revisorns yttrande över styrelsens redogörelse extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Styrelsens redogogörelse extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Styrelsens beslut om emission extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Fullmaktsformulär extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Förhandsröstningsformulär extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Bilaga 1 extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Kallelse extra bolagsstämma 2022
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Protokoll stämma 2021
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Kallelse stämma 2021
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Kommuniké stämma 2021
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Protokoll stämma 2020
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Kommuniké stämma 2020
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Kallelse stämma 2020
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Fullmaktsformulär 2019
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Kallelse till årsstämma i aXichem 2019
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Protokoll stämma 2018
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Årsredovisning 2017
pdf 6.48 MB
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Kallelse stämma 2018
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Kallelse stämma 2017
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pdf 29.26 KB
Årsredovisning 2016 för aXichem AB
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Styrelsens förslag till beslut om bemyndigande
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Kallelse stämma 2016
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Kallelse stämma 2015
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Kallelse stämma 2014
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Kommuniké stämma 2013
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Kallelse stämma 2013
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Kommuniké stämma 2012
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Kallelse stämma 2012
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Kommuniké stämma 2011
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Kallelse stämma 2011
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Kommuniké stämma 2010
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Kallelse stämma 2010
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Kommuniké stämma 2009
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Kallelse stämma 2009
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